About me

Hello! I am an ordinary woman who is nearing the big five-oh, busy at work and with everyday challenges. I’m a change manager and a coach by profession, so not surprisingly, one of my key interests is change and how it happens at personal, organisational and societal levels.  I love being in nature. I grew up in the countryside in Finland surrounded by beautiful forests, and I’ve always felt a strong connection with nature. Hence, the big change I am trying to get my head around is climate change, and how to better live in harmony with our environment.

The climate crisis and mass extinction of species have shaken me to the core. I feel anxious. I feel sad. I feel compelled to do more. Change is seldom easy, but climate justice is a complex topic, which intersects with political systems, sustainable economics and equality. It is easy to feel inadequate and out of depth. That’s why I started this blog. Writing has always helped me to clarify my thoughts. And, maybe this way you can help me by sharing your ideas.

Springtime in Kotka, Finland. Copyright Stiina Kiiveri.