Conscious Consumer

Conscious consumption is something we hear a lot of recently – it’s an umbrella term that really means having more awareness of how the things we do, and the things we buy impacts our world. There are all sorts of ways to do this and it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming – however, they all stem from a few key principles.

Benedikt Geyer on Unsplash

Principles of the Conscious Consumer

1 – Buy only what you need

2 – Consider other options before buying new

      • Second hand
      • Swap, repair, borrow or hire

If you have to buy new, then

3 – ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Favour ethical brands 

4 – Buy quality that lasts for years

5 – Know how to not fall into temptations

      • Remember the why
      • Learn to separate Needs vs Wants
      • Remember that if it is very cheap is usually not ethical nor good quality
      • Take time to make the decision
      • Outsmart the psychological tricks retailers use

Outsmart retailer tactics

If you are aware how retailers are trying to tempt you into buying, you will have better chances to avoid unnecessary purchases. Most of the tactics try to tigger our Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).

The clock is ticking … one of the most powerful tactics is to display a COUNTDOWN TIMER. Can you make it in time!?!

Seeing what OTHERS are buying can ignite your competitive spirit. How many people are looking at the same item just now…

Retailers highlight MISSED OPPORTUNITIES so that you don’t want to miss out next time. This works well with showing low stock levels.

About to leave the site? Some sites have campaigns that kick in at this moment. 

Some studies found that ~90% of shoppers list free shipping as their prime incentive for buying online. That’s one reason why FOMO marketing campaigns that limit FREE SHIPPING are frequently used.

Expiring content mixes urgency, scarcity, and exclusivity to ramp up your FOMO. Software companies use this same principle when they are about to change their pricing plans and give users an option to lock in the old price before it is too late.

OptinMonster customers have used content upgrades to boost conversions by 150% and increase customer retention by 72%. Content upgrades trigger our FOMO because gating content indicates scarcity.

IMAGES can be powerful in suggesting that opting in will ensure you have a great time.

There’s nothing to trigger FOMO like EXCLUSIVITY This offer isjust for you! 

Rewards for early decisions

We are strongly influenced by what others do, especially by those who are like us, or whom we admireSTORIES about what others do can have an effect that we want to do it too, so we’ll feel a sense of belonging and being part of the ‘herd’. To achieve this, some retailers post on forums and try to create hype before the actual day.