Eco-living Handbook

“Clear, concise and trustworthy.”

Eco-living handbook is a resource for busy people. The goal is to provide science-based information and concrete guidance in a compact and accessible form to help you to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. The articles are based on publicly available research and news reporting. The intent is that they represent factual information, not my opinions or judgements. I make every effort to use credible sources and statistically valid data. 

Principles of sustainable living

Conscious Consumer

Conscious consumption is an umbrella term that really means having more awareness of how the things we do, and the things we buy impacts our world. There are various ways to do – however, they all stem from a few key principles.

Food and its Environmental Impacts

Food accounts for more than a quarter of the total greenhouse gas emissions and 70% of world’s fresh water is used for agriculture. This article provides information of the impact of different foods and the most impactful postive actions you can take for the environment.

Home heating (UK focus)

In June 2019, the UK became the first major economy in the world to pass laws to end its contribution to global warming by 2050. This will require a reduction of 87% to the household emissions of 8,789 CO2e per household … read more here.


Environmental Impacts of Clothes

Global emissions from textile production are more than those of international flights and shipping combined. Conventional cotton and silk are two of the most harmful fabrics. Read more about impacts of impacts of clothes to know how you can reduce your impact.

Eco-friendly face masks

Carbon offsetting