Stay Safe and Protect Oceans

Written by nana@lovehatechange
Published 11 July 2020

According to some estimates, we are now using 129 billion face masks
every month globally. 
Single-use masks that shed micro plastics and can have a lifespan of 450
years have quickly become a new ecological time bomb.

Photo by Vera Davidova on Unsplash

You can avoid contributing to this pollution by making or buying reusable face masks. The best of the reusable face coverings are made of sustainable materials.
Note: Below face masks are not medical-grade.

Make your own

You can recycle an old cotton or linen cloth – there are plenty of guidance online. Here are a few picks:

And here’s the guidance that my friend developed (requires sewing):How to make face masks

Buy a sustainable mask

Plumo – Organic linen and support for NHS 

Plumo makes masks costing £10 each, with four layers of organic linen. Linen has antibacterial properties, as it’s not an easy environment for germs to breed in. For every mask sold, Plumo is donating to Masks for NHS Heroes.

Newt – biodegradable masks with bold design

If you want bold, colourful designs for your face covering, head to Newt, which has designed reusable, washable face masks in its signature prints on biodegradable fabrics. The masks have three layers, and the  front and back layers arec made from recycled plastic bottles. 

Wava masks – 100% organic

Manchester-based Wawa Clothing makes double-layered masks from 100 per cent organic ripstop cotton. The brand labels are made from recycled polyester.