When this is over

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I hope you are coping. It’s been heart-breaking to read about tragedies people have faced, and I know that at least for the time being, I am one of the lucky ones. Among my family and friends, only one person has been suffering from severe covid-19 symptoms, and she is recovering now.  Also, my employer has been very flexible, and is supporting everybody to work remotely.

Depending on where we live, what we do and what’s our family situation, the lockdown impacts us differently. Some of us have suddenly lots of time in our hands, while others are busier than ever. Everybody, though, needs to adjust.

This is a dreadful situation but it comes with a great opportunity

It is a dreadful situation but it comes with an opportunity for us to change, not just for the duration of the lockdown, but more permanently. In my first blog this year I shared my eco-living goals. Many of them are suddenly much easier: not flying or not buying clothes is not much of a challenge currently. A change that I didn’t consider at the time is that I now hope that I will learn to work from home effectively while keeping work-life boundaries.

I’ve never enjoyed working from home: I’ve found it too intense and I couldn’t switch off. Since I have no option now, this is the perfect time to figure out how I can make it work. This was my fourth week working from home. (I started one week earlier than the office closed because I wasn’t feeling 100%).  I’ve made some progress by creating a dedicated working area, and when I finish, I step out and walk around the block, as if I was leaving work. While walking, I plan how I’m going to spend the evening. This seems to be helping to make the mental shift from work to home life. The coming week, I’m going to try to have mini-breaks during the day.

There are other, more important things that I hope we will learn and maintain from this plight.

I hope we will continue to value nurses, shop workers and everybody who have been working so hard and risking their lives.

I hope we will stay connected with our neighbours and the local community now that this crisis has brought us together.

I hope that the attitudes of selflessness, caring and collaboration are not forgotten when we start returning to the life as it was.

What gives me hope is to have seen how very adaptable, resilient, and caring so many people are.

Because, we will need to care and we need to collaborate more than ever to mitigate the impacts of climate change. The reality is, sadly, that climate change will hit us even harder than this pandemic if we go back to our old ways. What gives me hope is to have seen how massively our lifestyles and habits have changed in such a short time, and how people have reached out to help others. This reassures me how very adaptable, resilient, and caring so many people are.

Therefore, if you are not totally exhausted by the current situation, this could be a good time to make a positive change for the environment. For example, how about –

I’d love to hear about your experiences and ideas!

Not sure how to start? I’ve shared 4 easy-to-follow tips for behavioural change in this article. I’ve often used them successfully in my own life as well as in my coaching practice. Or, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Stay safe and look after each other.

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  1. Thanks Nana. I really enjoy reading your blogs and will try to make some of the changes you suggest. I’ve just been reading your ethical fashion tips which are really interesting and helpful.
    Best wishes and keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I like the way you’ve combined information about the environment, what you can do to help and also tips on how you can make the behaviour change!

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